Geng-Liao Elementary School




    Our school was established in 1941, the honour divided  and taught the field altogether for Lioujiao villages in Tainan. Renamed as the Gengliao Elementary school of the of Lioujiao townships of Chiayi county in 1968.           

    Recently, though our students become less. Relatively, we offer more pluralistic study, and the chance to issue more.We wish the scene not to change: Grow up healthy and sound and study happily .


    Geographical position

      Lying in in the Gengliao townships of Chiayi county,   located in in the west of Chiayi county, by the 19th of provincial highway, next-door neighbour's the Puzih City, connect the Beigang Township of Yunlin County in the north.


                                                                 TEL:05-3796309    FAX:05-3705945

No.19, Gengliao Village, Lioujiao Township, Chiayi County 61556, Taiwan (R.O.C.)